Production of friction drill pipes

Thompson 60 TonsDrill forged Friction FFW (Forged Friction-Welded) represents the top for application in the field of drilling. Special steels used in the production of this type of rod have extraordinary. Mechanical properties, with a creep rupture strength of over 1100 MPa. The drilling rod is obtained by friction welding of two threaded couplings at each end (male and female) to the pipe of various lengths. The tool joints before being welded to the tube, undergo a thermo-chemical treatment (nitro-carbon) that allows you to get over the whole surface hardness greater than 56 degrees Rockwell.
Our Company is able to provide rods with forged pipe at the extremity, a high temperature process that serves to strengthen the section of welding; subsequently the forged pipe is subjected to heat treatment to further improve the resistance and resilience.
This manufacturing technology, introduced in Colli Drill since 2001, is the most advanced available today in the production of drill pipes of high strength for directional drilling.

VIDEO: Friction welder Thompson up to 60 tons

VIDEO: Friction welder Thompson up to 200 tons